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We are a team of professionals, with diverse backgrounds, working together to produce inspirational content through theatrical films, web series, lyrical videos, and audio albums. Our aim is to encourage viewers to embrace positive values with respect to ethics, peace, generosity, compassion and non-violence.

Film Set


Shrimad Rajchandra Biopic

First Gujarati 3D Animated Movie

This movie is based on the true story of Shrimad Rajchandraji, an unconditional giver, an ascetic by birth and a profoundly learned man with exceptional intellect and ability to see the future. Despite such accomplishments and prosperity, he led a simple life, enriched with plenty of fables about kindness to share.

The two Legendary Leaders of India: Mahatma Gandhi and Jamsetji Tata were inspired by Shrimadji. 

It is a complete family movie and will be released in 3 languages (Gujarati, Hindi and English).


Lifestory of Muni Shri Laghuraj Swami (Prabhushreeji)

An Audio Book

Muni Shri Laghurajswami, who was born in the year 1854, was devout since childhood. At a young age of 30, he renounced the world and became a Jain monk. He first met Shrimadji in 1890 at Khambhat. In the first meeting itself, he recognized Shrimadji as an enlightened soul and threw himself at his feet, acknowledging him as his revered guruji. Later, few years after Shrimadji passed away, he founded the Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram at Agas (in Gujarat) - a sanctified pilgrimage site for all spiritual aspirants, that continues to meticulously follow the daily program for prayers, as laid down by Prabhushreeji, for over 100 years now.

He faced several hurdles while pursuing spiritual goals, but never gave up. Instead, he won everyone's heart with kindness and compassion. He would address everybody as "Prabhu" and was thus known as "Prabhushreeji". His life story is a must-read. We have now converted the same to an audiobook so that it is easy for everyone to hear and know more about him.


Click here to download his life story (Language: Gujarati).

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